Wedding Party


Maid of Honor

Sarah is Paige’s younger sister. She attends Texas A&M where she is studying to become a teacher. She is quite the athlete; a triathlete, marathon runner and soccer player. She was the one who crashed her bike, setting up an opportunity for Ryan to get Paige’s number – quite a wingman she is!

Cara Kirby is a friend from college and the triathlon days. She also is quite the athlete.. she became an Ironman this last year! She too was at the pub crawl the night we met and we have had many adventures together. She is a great friend for life! and one of the funniest girls around – SNL worthy!
Cami Heerwagen is a friend from college, sorority sister, neighbor, and fellow troublemaker. Not only is she one of the most loyal friends in all of history, but she is also a top-notch accountant in the Big D and an avid feline lover. You can spot her around Dallas walking her kitties in their strollers. Seriously.
Best Man

George is Ryan’s best friend and surfing buddy. He is a licensed counselor and works at a Houston hospital saving the world. You could spot him around town in his restored yellow bug lookin all kinds of hollywood.


Mike is another of Ryan’s best friends and old college roommate. Currently he lives in Houston where he is loving on his new baby boy, Teddy.

Keith Dewberry is a friend from high school and beyond. The two have spent countless hours wakeboarding around the US and causing all kinds of trouble along the way. Keith now lives on Lake Conroe with his beautiful wife and daughter.

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Wedding Information





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