Tying the Knot


November 20, 2010

Information about the wedding of Paige Jackson and Ryan Budde. Instead of having a separate wedding info site, we decided to add a tab on here. Enjoy!

About Paige

Paige is the middle sister of the Jackson ladies. She loves kids, adventures, traveling, bikes, Austin, dancing, live music, and all things ocean related. Someday, after traveling all over Central and South America, she wants to be a camp director or an adaptive PE teacher. That about sums it up.

About Ryan

Ryan is a Conroe boy with an obsession with water and adventure. If you are looking for him, just head towards the nearest body of water. No water?, maybe try a local parking garage where is probably pretending to surf on asphalt. He also loves traveling, nursing his knee back to health, daydreaming about machete fights.

How we met

We met in a gay bar. Well, that’s how Paige remembers it anyways. Ryan, on the other hand,remembers laying eyes on his future wife moments before the most epic Bicycle Pub Crawl of all times. The story goes that he was trapped forever by her “white shorts and smile”. Hours later, after cycling, weaving, and crashing around to a dozen Bryan/College Station bars, the two then officially met on top of a box at the local gay bar to dance the night away. A sister’s run in with a train tracks and some 3 a.m. fine dining (McDonalds) led to Ryan getting Paige’s number. Have you ever heard of a more romantic story?

Our first date

The real romance began in July of 2008 in Leakey, TX. Paige was working at the H.E.B. Foundation Camp, Laity Lodge, and Ryan was camping with his family and friends like they do every year on the Frio River. During one of their phone conversations they realized that they would be just ten miles away from each other for the Fourth of July, and decided to meet up. Paige almost wimped out by not calling Ryan back, but she mustered up the courage to meet at the small town rodeo in Leakey. Both arrived at the rodeo with their entourages, and unsure of what to expect. They enjoyed their first rodeo and small town square dance. It was quite a romantic evening filled with cowboy boots, a live band, dancing in the town square, ice cream, and fireworks… They both knew that there was something special between them. Unfortunately, the night had to end so Paige returned to camp and Ryan returned to their campsite hoping they could meet up again the next day.

Luckily, the next day was a switch day at camp, meaning the canyon would be empty and Paige could bring Ryan and his crew out to explore the beauty of LLYC. They all enjoyed another all-american type of day by attending a small town 4th of July parade, and playing in the the Frio River all day. Later that night, Ryan introduced Paige to his family and friends at Cold Springs where they enjoyed an evening of good food and friends. They already felt like they were old friends.

How he proposed

On Texas Independence weekend, March of 2010, the two took a weekend getaway to see a Gary P. Nunn concert in ConCan. After a morning of golfing in Utopia, Ryan’s original plans were spoiled when he realized the tubes to float the river could not be aired up. Clueless Paige was pretty excited because it was cold and rainy, and she was ready for an afternoon nap. Ryan was pretty disappointed because he had already stashed the ring in the pocket of his wetsuit, but enjoyed a nap anyways.

That evening at the concert, Paige was nervous about country dancing and Ryan was nervous about how he would pop the question. A couple of drinks and some clumsy dancing later, Ryan asked if Paige wanted to leave. Paige was confused and gave him a hard time because the concert had just begun and it was the whole reason they had driven 5 1/2 hours. After more persisting to just drive around for a while and come back, Paige reluctantly agreed. Ryan drove to the top of a cliff that the two had enjoyed before. After looking out over the Frio Country and reflecting on the beauty, Ryan pulled a ring out of his pocket, got on his knee and asked Paige to marry him. They later celebrated by returning to the concert and dancing the night away.

Wedding Information

Wedding Party


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