F*$&ing, Austria

One evening in Salzburg, Austria, Ryan and I were enjoying a frothy bier in a dark, rambunctious bar when we overheard some talk about a lil’ place called Fucking. Having the sense of humor of a 13-year-old boy, my ears quickly perked up and the Liz Lemon in my head said, “I want to go to there”. Over and over and over and over.

So go to there we did. It was a long journey to say the least (train ride + 6 miles on foot + a sweet lil old lady giving us a short lift), but we made it. And it was glorious. Oh, was it glorious.


Fucking is a tiny, tiny farming town with less than 100 people. A lucky Fucking bunch, I say! The rolling hills, apple trees, corn fields, and sunny sky made the journey a lovely Fucking experience.
Now, no more Fucking. Ya hear?

Amish Country


I’ve said this countless time but I’ve got to say it again.. there is just nothing that compares to rural Wisconsin in the Fall. The trees produce more apples than anyone can possibly eat, so apple pies, apple sauce, and apple bread are made (and eaten) daily. Colorful trees slowly drop their leaves to blanket winding bike trails, crisp air fills your lungs, haystacks spot large fields, sunsets melt into the rolling horizon… I could go on and on about how absolutely perfect life feels when I’m here. In a town where farmer’s live next door to large Amish families, trucks share the road with horse-drawn buggies, and home goods are purchased at the neighbor’s home market, it’s hard not to feel a little disappointed not to have grown up in a place like this. I can’t wait to visit again.




paige 113
paige 119
paige 121
paige 129
berlin wall
bike bliss
paige 134
gimme your model face
beer beer beer
giant on bike
to infinity and beyond!
hey there
angel fluff
angel paige
berlin bike bliss

Stick me in a city where bicycles rule the road and dancing through the night is the acceptable every night of the week, I’m gonna be a happy girl. Stick Ryan in a city rich with German history and strong German beer, he’s going to be a happy guy. Needless to say, we loved Berlin with a passion.

Our days were filled with riding bikes around the city, laying out on lush green grass, learning heaps about Berlin’s intense history, cooking, electronic music, and laughing with friends. Wow, I just got a wave wanderlust and we’ve only been gone a week. Here’s to seeing you again soon, Germany.




ryan prague




prague wedding

prague love


paige 067

paige 070

paige 072


paige 082

paige 087

paige 088

paige 094

paige 099

paige 102


Prague is such a beautiful city with outstanding architecture and breathtaking views. We loved our time in the Czech Republic, we just wish we had more time to explore!

(All of the pictures are straight out of the camera. I so wish I could tweak them.. kind of feels like that dream where you show up to school naked!)

Wisconsin Fall (again and again)

Today we are in Sparta, Wisconsin, and we are going on the Sparta Bike Trail which is an old railroad converted into a beautiful bike path that winds through farm land and creeks. Here is a link to the last time we rode the trail and soon I will post pictures of today. I’m really excited to ride!

Here are some pictures from a couple of days ago when we were in Wassau and spent the day hiking a small mountain outside of town. The views were unbelievably breathtaking and the company was too much fun.

paige 875
paige 903
paige 905
paige 908
paige 910
paige 915
paige 917
paige 926
paige 941
paige 951
paige 953
self portrait

A True Fall

I have never seen anything as beautiful and peaceful as fall in Wisconsin. The trees are full of vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, and greens; as well as a thick blanket of fallen leaves covering the ground and sidewalks. The peacefulness is found in the crisp, clean smelling air of a changing season – quite appropriate for Ryan and me (as for so many others, I’m sure) during our own season of change.

On our journey home, we made a detour and headed west to meet up with Ryan’s parents who are vacationing back in their hometowns. We caught our very first Amtrak and slowly chugged through the American countryside. It was great to be a tourist in new areas of our own country, after spending so much time abroad. We have had a blast seeing aunts, uncles and cousins and slowly getting back to the real world.

Is there anything more fun than being four and playing in a huge pile of leaves? From watching our little cousin, Chloe, I’m guessing not…

cute chloe

wild child
the chloe girl
wassau, wisconsin fall
paige 792
paige 834

Who wants be be four again?

paige 823
fun momma

Notre Dame

In Paris, we were lucky enough to stay just across the Seine River from the gorgeous Notre Dame Cathedral. The details were unbelievable – especially the stained glass (my favorite) and the vaulted ceilings.

Notre Dame
Notre Dame
Notre Dame
Notre Dame bride

And to close out Paris, a view from our hotel. While matchbox-esque, the location was incredible and the price was one of the best we found in all of Europe! Even more unbelievable!

Room With a View