Crunchy Betty

I’ve got to spread some more Crunchy Betty goodness – this girl has blown me away with her natural remedies and recipes, and she is changing the world one post at a time! If you haven’t checked out her blog, you should. Right now.

First, she talked me into ditching my deodorant and whipping up a batch of my own with only three kitchen ingredients. I was amazed at the results and was so stoked that I made samples for everyone I knew. Now my mom, aunt, husband, neighbors, and mother-in-law have converted to the crunchy-goodness (and smell great!).

Then Crunchy Betty had me washing my face with OIL. Oil of all things! I was nervous at first but the results were amazing. Now I’ve got my mother hooked and she’s never looked so radiant! Skin that is clear, glowing, soft, amazing!
am I right or am I right?

Next it was HONEY. Honey?! I’ve been washing my face with honey and baking soda for three weeks and it’s blowing me away! My face has never been so clear and smooth. I swear that little dark marks are fading as well.

paige 366

Now I’m like a mad scientist in the kitchen whipping up lotions with coconut oil, mixing up face masks with clay, melting beeswax for lip balm, trying to make perfume (fail) out of essential oils and a variety of other concoctions. It’s awesome.

So, go check out Crunchy Betty and jump on this chemical free bandwagon!


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