(These posts are out-of-order & we have so many cities to go- I am just going by the order of our Flickr photostream)
I’m not going to lie, by the time we got to Barcelona we were quite burnt out of traveling. Six months was a long time to be living out of a backpack, and traveling every 2-3 days can really be exhausting. We tried to love Barcelona and give it our all, but we were both pretty worn out. I would love to go back sometime and spend a week exploring Spain. The Gaudi architecture was stunning and hilarious – it felt like living in a Dr. Seuss world!

Giant Hands!
paige 550
paige 577
paige 582
paige 586
paige 608
paige 623
sunglasses as a filter – it was so incredibly bright!
paige 659
paige 663
paige 664
paige 675
paige 686
paige 692

These are all straight out of the camera as well. I would love to edit them but we had to dump out memory card and upload straight to Flickr. I’ve got one more Barcelona post and it has one of my favorite moments of our trip!


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