Amsterdam Lovin

Amsterdam… oh Amsterdam. I’ve been putting off this post because I still can’t wrap my mind around this place. It is absolutely amazing and perfect in every way (except maybe the weather, but we avoided that issue). Maybe I loved it so much because it is (supposedly) my heritage, or maybe I loved it so much because bicycles rule the road, or maybe because of the romantic canals, or the crooked houses, or the beautiful city parks, or the mix of old and new, or the friendly people, or crazy language, or freedom to be an individual. Man, seriously. Paradise. Ryan, when can we go back? Cara, Stephanie – girls trip?

imperfectly perfect & delicious
paige 366
paige 356
paige @ picnic
Absolute bliss
ryan @ picnic
paige 421
paige 429
paige 437

paige 440
paige 453
paige 465
paige 468
Had to take some dutch composition photos while in Holland!
paige 501
paige 503
paige preparing to picnic


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