paige 113
paige 119
paige 121
paige 129
berlin wall
bike bliss
paige 134
gimme your model face
beer beer beer
giant on bike
to infinity and beyond!
hey there
angel fluff
angel paige
berlin bike bliss

Stick me in a city where bicycles rule the road and dancing through the night is the acceptable every night of the week, I’m gonna be a happy girl. Stick Ryan in a city rich with German history and strong German beer, he’s going to be a happy guy. Needless to say, we loved Berlin with a passion.

Our days were filled with riding bikes around the city, laying out on lush green grass, learning heaps about Berlin’s intense history, cooking, electronic music, and laughing with friends. Wow, I just got a wave wanderlust and we’ve only been gone a week. Here’s to seeing you again soon, Germany.



2 thoughts on “Berlin

  1. Thanks for stopping by! I’m a tad embarrased to have added you since I don’t “know” you in real life, but I found you through Kathleen and Jeremy and I grew up in Germany in the 80’s {from age 3 until 2nd grade,} so I’m loving your travel blog! Hope it is okay to follow! : )

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