A True Fall

I have never seen anything as beautiful and peaceful as fall in Wisconsin. The trees are full of vibrant reds, yellows, oranges, and greens; as well as a thick blanket of fallen leaves covering the ground and sidewalks. The peacefulness is found in the crisp, clean smelling air of a changing season – quite appropriate for Ryan and me (as for so many others, I’m sure) during our own season of change.

On our journey home, we made a detour and headed west to meet up with Ryan’s parents who are vacationing back in their hometowns. We caught our very first Amtrak and slowly chugged through the American countryside. It was great to be a tourist in new areas of our own country, after spending so much time abroad. We have had a blast seeing aunts, uncles and cousins and slowly getting back to the real world.

Is there anything more fun than being four and playing in a huge pile of leaves? From watching our little cousin, Chloe, I’m guessing not…

cute chloe

wild child
the chloe girl
wassau, wisconsin fall
paige 792
paige 834

Who wants be be four again?

paige 823
fun momma


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