Dead computer

Hi friends,

We have so much to share from our times in France, Monaco, and Italy but our laptop kicked the bucket and is currently acting as an expensive and bulky backpack weight. We’ve had some bad electronics luck on the road with our first laptop kicking the bucket the second week, our camera being kidnapped at machete point, and now this new laptop busting. Oh me, oh my.

Spending time traveling though out Central America and Europe has been wonderful for us. We’ve experienced vastly different cultures, made wonderful friends, surfed some of the best waves in the world, and seen some amazing sights. More importantly, I feel like we’ve grown into an unstoppable team and have been able to decide exactly what we want our life together to look like. We are so excited to come home, settle down in Houston, and start a lil business that we’ve been busy organizing during our down time. It’s all happening fast and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

We just booked tickets to NYC for October 4 and will make our way home from there. We miss the good ol’ USA so much.. Ryan jokes about getting a bald eagle tattoo displaying twin middle talons for all to see. Also, anytime we run into an unsavory European incident ( i.e. stepping in dog poo on the sidewalk, the smell of urine on every street, general disregard for personal hygiene, male machismo, bitchy french women) we can’t stop singing the theme song from Team America. I thought Ryan would never be ripe for settling down and getting into the daily work grind ‘merica style, but the nomadic lifestyle has shown us that we really do want to settle down and work hard. What a revelation! We’ve learned that living your dream can totally be a reality, you just have to find a way to make it happen and more importantly, dreams are ever evolving so go with the flow and live the life you desire! I should stop before I get all Joel Osteen on you.

We have a month left across the pond and we will be finishing up by visiting Rome, Venice, Prague, Vienna, Amsterdam, Brussels and BARCELONA (what I’m most excited about!). I wish we could share pictures and stories but we will have to do some backtracking once we get home and get our computer fixed. We’ve had so much fun memorializing our experiences on the road and sharing it with our friends and family has been fun as well. We may have tidbits here and there, but regular posting of pictures and stories will happen when we get settled in at home. Thanks for reading and supporting us while we’ve been exploring the world.

Paige and Ryan

P.S. We want to keep our blog going since adventures and traveling will always be our passion. We have a feeling that settling down, starting our business, buying a home and eventually (a long time from now) starting a family will be an adventure all it’s own. It’s like the new photo album/scrapbooking but so much freaking easier and FREE.


3 thoughts on “Dead computer

  1. Yes, we are glad to hear you are enjoying the adventure, but REALLY happy to hear your ready to come home and settle down. We LOVE being with you. You both are terrific and I love you!

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