Abbey Road


This is the most touristy thing I have ever done. The scene was ridiculous, everyone hyped up and giddy with little care for self preservation, just straight jumping in front of moving cars for the their chance to get this famous picture op.

Our time in London was wonderful and we have to give much of that credit to our fabulous Couch Surfing host, Niall. He was so welcoming and really made us feel at home. We had such a blast getting our drink on and touring birthday parties and gay clubs across the city.






Our London chapter ended with a trip to Brick Lane for curry and much to our surprise – Hipster Heaven. I’ve never seen more mom-shorts, skinny jeans, nerd glasses and/or ironic tattoos in my life. I did enjoy the sheer magnitude of fixies cruising around and Ryan loved the graffiti.



what a badass, don’t you agree?

So that was a hodgepodge of photos and memories. It was a travel day and my mind feels like mush! Next up….. Paris!


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