The Moustache

Hair played a supporting role in our adventures throughout Central America for both of us. I’m talking the cutting off of hair (Paige), the admiring of one’s new hair (Ryan), the growing of hair (Paige and Ryan), the crying over hair (Paige), being tired of tears about hair (Ryan), and finally the shaving off of hair (Ryan). Ridiculous.

Before we left, while Ryan was away on his last business trip, I got a wild hare (har har) and chopped off my long, blonde hair. Like, chop chopped. I really don’t know what came over me, I’ve never really considered it before, but I up and drove myself over to a random hair stylist and asked for the big che-bang before I could talk myself out of it. I saw the concern in the poor ladies eyes but didn’t back down – “chop”, I said! I know it’s just hair but the feeling was exhilarating and freeing. God, that sounds so stupid but I’m not deleting it. I’ve loved it, I’ve hated it, I’ve felt beautiful, I’ve felt horribly ugly – like a typical woman.. It has been so easy, and not dealing with hair everyday has been so GREAT. I’m not really getting anywhere so I will end this with – I cut my hair off, it was fun, you should do it too sometime.


Ryan on the other hand was on some top-secret mission to look like a 70’s porn star (I made that up). He grew the nastiest little catfish mustache at first, and then finally after a couple of months, it filled into something a little more respectable. With the addition of thick chops, he really pulled the look off. The locals just didn’t know what to think – Chuck Norris, Brad Pitt, 70’s porn star, who was this gringo with the nasty ‘stache? ( I didn’t make that up)

I had a love hate relationship with that caterpillar on his lip. It was funny, it was sort of cute, but mostly it tickled my nose when we kissed and I just wasn’t havin’ that. Finally, he decided kissing was better than “looking salty as hell” and he promised to shave it but only if we could properly document it. So, without his approval and mostly just to annoy him, I’m documenting his proudest accomplishment in all of his 29 years – The Mustache.









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