Alright, we’re back and ready for our European leg of the travels. We’ve landed in London and are enjoying the sights, but have mostly been trying to recover from jet lag for the last couple of days.

Today we are trying out Couch Surfing and meeting up with two old friends for tea, cocktails, and dinner. I can’t wait to report back about this new venture into surfing.














Our photos are still distorted when I post them – it is driving me NUTS. Anyone out there have any suggestions or advice?


6 thoughts on “London

  1. Ohh have fun in Europe! Where all are you guys wanting to go?? I suggest cinque terre in Italy. Not far from Florence and the most beautiful place ever! It’s basically 5 small towns along the sea and all are connected by a trail that you can hike. Miss you and hope you guys have tons of fun and stay safe!

    • Thank Lindsay! THank you for the advice! We need all that we can get! We are going all over Europe – trying to hit Western quickly so we can spend time in Eastern for cheaper. ha.If you have any other recommendations – please let us know! We miss you and can’t wait to hang out when we get back. Happy start of school!!!!

      • Well I dont know how much help I can be but I studied abroad in Florence and travelled to Rome, cinque terre, Venice, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, and Munich. I loved all of them especially all in Italy and Munich! Have fun!

    • Thanks MJ! I hope you had a good birthday!! We are at a place with good internet so we will call tomorrow night. Thanks for the shoes – I love em!

  2. I got you some more shoes….a store by Sam Moon is going out of business. I love buying
    you shoes! Call when you can. I love you guys.

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