Sparta, Wisconsin

Plans changed dramatically within a 30 minute period. All of a sudden instead of spending our last week in the Yucatan, we were rearranging tickets and hopping on a 1am bus to make it to our 7am flight back to Houston after receiving the heartbreaking news of a death in the family. After a whirlwind couple days of travel and a quick shock of ‘Merica life (and the heat!), we made it to Wisconsin.

We were able to spend a couple days in Sparta, where Ryan’s dad grew up. The farmland and rolling hills were so beautiful and picturesque. Life seemed so peaceful and slow, probably in part because we were smack in Amish country and if you’re going too fast, you just might run a buggie off the road. We spent our day in Sparta enjoying a scenic bike ride along on old train track, shopping for fresh cheese curds and the local creamery, and browsing the sweets sold by the Amish families. It was a wonderful day and one I hope to repeat over and over again throughout the years to come.



weak attempt at hovering













Whoah picture overload but I had to share how beautiful every. single. thing. was – including the famous (?) Jim Hyatt.

and most importantly – – a quick shout out to Debbie, our most loyal reader! 😉 Nice to visit with ya tonight!


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