Caye Caulker + 2


My pretty Mama


and sister Sarah





nothing beats fresh coconut




security detail








We have finally made our way to sunny Belize after an incredible whirlwind tour of Guatemala (more posts to come on those adventures). We were sad to leave behind such a beautiful country with so much left un-explored but I guess that just gives us an excuse to come back someday.

We spent one night in Belize City which, for us, left a lot to be desired. The city turned out to be pretty run down with more than it’s fair share of beggars and stink. Ryan was also under the weather with a 102 temperature which can make any destination seem blah. But that’s okay because it was just a stopping point anyhow…

Onward we traveled, via a 45 minute boat ride, to the tiny but fabulous island of Caye Caulker off of the coast of Belize. So tiny in fact that standing on the shore you can see the opposite shore about 200 yards to the west, and walking from end to end can be accomplished in under thirty minutes. My marathon running sister was a little surprised when her daily run lasted less than a half hour – Caye Caulker probably doesn’t produce world-class distance runners, eh?

Oh, I forgot to mention how wonderful reuniting with my mom and sis has been (and how much I wish my dad could have joined us). Ryan and I were and are very excited to be spending 10 days with them relaxing to the max. We’ve already had two delicious lobster dinners, many island cocktails and our fair share of the glorious sunshine.. and we’re only one full day in! Hooray for vacations! Hooray for island life! More to come on our time in paradise.


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