On the road again…

Alright guys, I’ll admit it : our blog is lame these days. In case you missed it, we were robbed last week and have been laying low and a little pouty since the incident. Pictures were my favorite way to tell a story, and without them I don’t feel very motivated to post. Luckily, I have a new camera coming on the 18th (along with my mom and little sister which is WAY more exciting than a new camera!) so blogging will be on hiatus until then. I may pop in with little tidbits as we travel for the next 9 day through Guatemala but no promises. I want to thank you so much for reading, for the kind comments and the emails. We are so trilled be be living our dreams together and being able to share it with you makes it all the sweeter. So, thank you!

And since I love posts with pictures, here are some random photos from our flickr account


from an MMA shoot with my mentor, Andy Hemingway


Oh how I miss my hairs

my 23rd birthday at our favorite surf spot in Mexico




Mero Mero skating garages in downtown Houston. One our very favorite pastimes.


Our gear


Lagoon of Volcan Maderes




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