4th of July

Welp, things are a little boring around here these days. It’s pretty hard to beat getting robbed with machetes, and not having a camera pretty much ruins my blogging prowess. Blogs without pictures are even more boring than books without pictures. I kid, I like books without pictures but I hate blogs without ’em.

I guess I could tell you about how were in La Libertad, El Salvador regrouping and relaxing. We’ve got a great hotel overlooking a famous surf spot which is unfortunately pretty blown out right now. We’re waiting for the almost pro surfers to stumble into town for an upcoming competition that we are really looking forward to watching. Days are super slow around here which is perfect because I’ve been working hard on a business model for when we get back home. I’m super pumped about it and it has really taken my mind off of the machete trauma for the time being. I can’t wait to share more about it in the future.

Here are some pictures of my favorite place in the whole wide world: Leakey, Texas. I’ve spent the last several 4th of July’s out there and really miss it right now. Oh, Ryan and I also had our first date (and kiss) there THREE years ago to the day at the Leakey 4th of July Rodeo (how Texan of us! ha!). He has a thing for independence days and asked me to marry him on the Frio, too, this time on Texas Independence Day. Awwwww.








Happy 4th of July, errbody!


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