Slow Ride.. Take it Easy

Remember when you were a little kid and time moved so incredibly slow? The school year lasted forever, summer was never ending, and 4th grade would never get here. And now that you’re an adult, time is passing by so quickly that you would do anything to hit the brakes and slow life down a little bit. Around the time that I graduated from college I used to have some pretty wicked anxiety attacks seemingly all based on the feeling that life was moving too fast and that it would be over before I could get my mind around it. This morning, while Ryan and I were laying in bed, trying to shake the fog from our brains and move our sore bodies, we talked about this phenomenon and how it is happening to us all over again. It is like we are little kids taking in so many new experiences that each day passes so slowly and wonderfully. This childlike feeling enables me to slow my busy mind down and just savor each new experience and each moment with my new husband.

We keep thinking we have been traveling for a whole month longer than we have been and just can’t wrap our minds around time these days. We have done the math on paper, on our hands, out loud, over and over again and keep coming up with two months and nine days. I still don’t believe it – but I love that our time down here isn’t zooming by.

Chocolate popsicle






Based solely on the facial hair R has been growing the entire trip, one might guess we’ve been on the road only a couple weeks 😉

Proof that we ate the toxic black clams and survived – take that Lonely Planet







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