Sunzal, El Salvador












We moseyed on down a little further south and posted up in the beautiful Sunzal, El Salvador. Actually, I’m not sure what direction it is… we just moseyed over. On that note, I don’t even know what day of the week it is. Ridiculous! To quote Sublime, “Summertimeeeee and the livin’s easy”.

I do know that Sunzal is a beautiful village nestled in between the countryside’s rolling hills and rolling ocean. The wave is a pleasant right point break with gentle rollers – perfect for me and enjoyable for Ryan as well. This morning we were the lone surfers enjoying the break to ourselves for a good while, but surely the crowd will pick up this evening. Speaking of crowds, everyone out in the water has been super nice here as opposed to Costa Rica. I love the friendly vibe and lack of localism. El Salvador has turned out to be our favorite country by far but I really shouldn’t be blasting that all over the interweb, it seems to be a diamond in the rough with very few travelers.

I’ll end this post with another little lyric from sublime. This post is turning into an AIM away message circa 2002… Ba da ba bye bye


2 thoughts on “Sunzal, El Salvador

  1. So glad you are enjoying El Salvador! Beautiful picture of the flower, you are good! We are off to Fredricksburg and will be back on July 3rd. Please call.

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