Remember how I told you that we were taking the “budget boat” back to the mainlands? If a boat missing key railing counts as budget, I was spot on. I like to think I scored some wife points with my ride-to-die attitude.. I wonder what all these wife points add up to? Truth be told, I actually like sketchy adventures, I just hate gross bathrooms.

I want to have stories of drinking rum and making pirate noises, maybe a harrowing scuttle at sea – but no, I left the pirateering to Ryan. I just hung my hammock among a sea of Nica´s and watched Dazed and Confused until I passed out.

Ryan, on the other hand, is a sea man at heart and freaking loved our excursion. He stayed up all night drinking rum and watching the stars. Needless to say, he didn´t feel too great the next day. You might be able to see that he was already “ín character” from the picture below.







One thought on “aaarrg!

  1. You two look to be tripping the midnight full moon cicra 1969. And Ryan you’re lookin a little like Manzarek. Nice. Happy Trails.

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