Super exciting news – Budde style!

We’ve had a slight change of itinerary. We’re coming home in August!!!!

…for 10 days… and then we’re skipping across the pond to make this a ‘Round The World trip, which has totally been my dream for FOREVER. Western Europe is first on our newly revised itinerary followed by Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Indonesia and lastly South America. Gah – I’m so giddy I can hardly keep myself from doing the happy dance.

So, anyone have any Europe tips? Where to stay, where to go, what to see, how to get around, how much to budget? We’ve never been there and I’m assuming it is pretty much opposite from this lazy, Central American, surf backpacking….



7 thoughts on “RTW

    • Ahhhh I can’t wait to see them! I love reading your blog to catch up with the fam. River and Britta seem to be getting so much older – they need to stop that. Did you guys get post cards and bracelets I sent??

  1. awesome! we lived in london for a year and in my opinion, it is the GREATEST city ever!! ireland is beautiful, barcelona is incredible. actually, it doesnt matter where you go, it’s all amazing!! have you ever talked about (or are willing to talk about) how you guys saved up for this trip? how much you save? how you’re budgeting?? i want SO badly to do something like this and would love some advice! xx

    • Hey Amie! We are flying into London! Any tips on the city?

      We haven’t talked about how we saved or budgeting but I will email you and give you the deets 🙂

    • daaaaaang that is going to be NUTS. We wish we could come – if we can get that crazy in Bremond… I can’t even imagine Vegas. Wow

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