Big Corn

Oh paradise!

Sittin' on the dock of the bay
Sittin’ on the dock of the bay…

relax to the max




waistband nemisis


This lil birdie landed across the street as we ate a late lunch on the porch of a delicious Chicken Lady





We spend our mornings running, eating gallo pinto, and trying to avoid some local who is trying his damnedest to follow us around to make some money off of us.  Afternoons are spent all alone on deserted white sand beaches with the most crystal clear, turquoise water that I have ever seen. I can’t imagine a more tranquil setting.

Relaxing and slowing down to island time has taken adjusting for me. I feel like these travels have been one big taper from the go go go lifestyle. Of course, winding down for Ryan has been no problem at all. That boy knows how to slow down and smell the roses, which I totally love about him.


3 thoughts on “Big Corn

  1. you know, i don’t remember his name. there is one teenage boy we keep in touch with through Facebook, though. i’m headed to check out your blog!

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