Granada, Nicaragua

Granada is a charming colonial city in the heart of Nicaragua. It definitely holds the most old world charm with a beautiful central plaza, elegant churches, adobe buildings with intricate details, and vibrant colors to be seen everywhere. We enjoyed our time here, trying to relax to the max after we said goodbye to so many friends in a short period of time. Time alone with just the two of us was strange a first but we quickly embraced the new pace.

My favorite part of this town was walking by one of the elegant cathedrals on a Sunday morning and hearing the most beautiful sound of voices singing in unison. I was really caught off guard by how much it touched me. I just stopped and listened, and my heart felt warm and tingly. I wish I had taken more pictures..





We loved this old, dilapidated hospital. Had it not smelled like a sewer, I would have explored more thoroughly. If you haven’t figured out, smelling like a sewer is a deal breaker for this girl.



double bike


Ryan geeked over this baseball game. Baseball is the national sport of Nicaragua which is rare down here where soccer rules.


…and now back to the Corn Islands.

I’m off to RUN, because the 2 of everything I packed is getting quite tight. Then, were going to the beach, with my camera this time. I love the beach. Finally, I plan on coaxing Ryan into cutting off this mullet I’ve amassed. shudder



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