Jesus is my Homeboy

Before the memories of Volcan Maderes had faded and the pain throughout our bodies had subsided, Ryan somehow talked us into another short hike up to the Jesus statue on the cliffs overlooking the bay at San Juan Del Sur and all of Southern Nicaragua.





On the hike up, we noticed the most spectacular rainbow in a FULL CIRCLE AROUND THE SUN! I couldn’t believe it and probably should have gone blind from staring at it so long. How nuts! Have you ever seen anything like it?


We also spotted a rainbow CLOUD! Which of course reminds me of my all-time favorite YouTube video…. i die

When we got to the top, the views were definitely worth my body screaming at me the whole time.





9 thoughts on “Jesus is my Homeboy

  1. I keep missing y’alls calls. I’m not screening them just never keep my phone on me. I miss y’all. Keep having fun.

    • I imagine you’re busy! Teddy must be on the move these days. We miss him – – post some pictures of the young lad. Ryan will try to call sometime this week.

    • Have you been to San Juan? You would love the views up there and the hike is mellow – unless you’re a lil under the weather from the night before. You should come visit us Des! I know you wanna go back to Greece – meet ya there? eh ehhh

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