San Juan Del Sur

After a good day and a half of bus travel from the bottom tip of Costa Rica to the bottom of Nicaragua (we excel in efficiency), we made it to San Juan Del Sur, where we lived it up two whole years ago. I can’t believe that much time has passed but ol’ San Juan felt like it hadn’t changed a bit.


Stuffing all of our gear into a barely running taxi at the border.





Mama Sara’s and Hostel Sunrise beach were such great places to stay. The infinitely sweet Mama Sara even surprised her guests food throughout the day.

We were pleasantly surprised by the presence of the circus in town. Last time we were here, we were lucky enough to experience and live through a Nica carnival. The circus was full of characters – cross-dressing midgets, motorcycle stunt men, snake whisperers (?), llama riding monkeys, clowns, flying acrobats…. all with a lot of Nica flavor. The best $2.00 I spent all day!


This monkey is the only one okay with Ryan’s lack of deodorant these days. This picture is somehow super sweet to me.



We so enjoyed our time here, especially being able to spend more time with our crazy new friends from around the world. Claro, Eh!



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