Well Hello There

Whoah someone fell off the blogging bandwagon there for a second. It sure is hard to get back into the habit, but here goes nothin.

I guess the place I left off was back in Pavones, Costa Rica. We met some wonderful friends whom we ended up traveling on with. The waves were unbelievable, the talent amazing, the fun times aplenty. It has been my favorite place by far. Unfortunately, my computer broke while we were here and half of the pictures are stuck on it. They are on Facebook but for the life of me I can’t copy them. Turn on that imagination of yours for most of this post.

We spent the days surfing on the second longest left breaking wave in the world, and the relaxing in the most serene setting. I enjoyed taking pictures and reading in the heat of the day.

The afternoons were spent at happy hour sipping on margaritas and watching the days surf footage on the big screen.









The evenings were filled with more $1 margaritas and laughing with our new friends and everyone’s silly antics. Usually, we found ourselves sitting on the beach and watching the sunset surf session until the sky turned dark.

Nights were usually spent on the beach building bonfires and living it up. There was plenty of planking, human tunnels, night swimming, slow shutter picture fun and overall ridiculous one upping on the level of silly. My style for sure!

I was sad to say goodbye to Pavones but trilled to travel on as four couples from all over the globe. Tomorrow I will share our stories from a new country! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Well Hello There

  1. Wahooooo FINALLY! Been waiting for this update! I’m a-watching you from England with SERIOUS FOMO!!!!!!!!!!!!! gutted! But at least you’re back to blogging and have introduced me to them so I can follow the dream! love to you all, wait no… love to Y’alllllllll (you gotta love that southern drawl!) Miss you already! xx

    • WOMAN! How long will you be in England this time? We are thinking of heading to your side of the world… wouldn’t it be crazy to see each other?? I miss you so much! That southern drawl you picked up sounds super legit. 🙂

      • YES! you must come over!! Would be too amazing! Girl I wish you’d been partying with me the other night, you’re one of the few women that I’ve partied with that can make me look tame (when I get myself in that kind of drunk stupor!!) !!! Luke and I are still job hunting-boo! Come catch us!! xxxxx

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