Surf Movie

Our time has come to an end here in Pavones. It has been an amazing two plus weeks and our leaving is bittersweet. We are ready to see new places but sad to leave the friends we have made here and grown to love. Luckily, most of us are joining forces and continuing onto our next destination but for those we are saying goodbye to, my heart breaks a little bit. Ah, little Santi and Amanda have stolen my heart. Along with their sweet mamma, Jenny…


All of a sudden, I am swamped with hundreds of photos and stories I want to share with y’all, and I am trying to catch up before the rapture comes we leave at 5:00 in the morning to head up to Nicaragua. I was doing a great job of keeping up and posting regularly until we met these gosh darn Aussies and started celebrating nightly with happy hours, bonfires, sing-alongs, You Tube videos, and as you can imagine with Aussies around, ‘heaps’ of toilet humor. Which, I hate to admit, it right up my humor alley – I might be a 7th grade boy… I am hoping that tonight I can finish uploading all of the pictures and recount the loads of fun we have had together. I’ve got a mini project up my sleeve for when we meet up with them in a couple days up north. Stay tuned!

Another reason this last week has been crazy is that the famous big swell came through and tons of people swarmed to town to ride the epic waves. Seriously, the first week we were here, it was quiet and just a handful of people out in the water and then one day it was packed with pro surfers and people from all over the world. It was nuts! I made a little surf montage of some of the footage I caught on video when the waves were too epic for my level. Enjoy!

I totally chose this music to make my husband think I was hardcore. I think it worked. Enjoy the best of Texas’ Metal: Pantera.


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