Backtrack: Hawaii Honeymoon

While were in the reminiscing mood, I thought I would share the silly little honeymoon video we made and completely forgot about. I stumbled upon it tonight and we laughed while we watched our young selves. Six months of marriage really ages you, ya know. I had hair and, I swear, Ryan had a baby face.

Did I ever mention I had killer dance moves? It’s how I won over my husband so I would like to take this moment to share with you my vast portfolio of moves:

1. Raise the roof   2. Air punching   3. Booty shake   4. Foot shuffle   5. The worm

I’m really quite talented in this department so if you ever want lessons, just give me a holler.

The video is a little long, okay a lot long (6 minutes), and extremely amateur, but it makes me laugh too much to leave it hidden on my computer that is about to die.

Funny story about the honeymoon: we actually had to rush and get married upon arriving on the island because we had messed up getting our marriage license in Texas and I was insurance-less. Everything got hectic leading up to the big day and it just slipped through the cracks, imagine that. Whoops. So in the end, we got married in front of our family and friends but got legally married on a beach in Hawaii. Pretty much a win win I’d say since eloping was always appealing to the both of us. And eloping in Hawaii… come on! The romance of the legal wedding was sky-high, especially if you think a drug deal-esque picnic table beach wedding is romantic. We were slyly given a number scribbled on a piece of paper by a lady at the license office, called some guy who had us meet him in a park by the beach. He said he would be wearing the green shirt, I said I’d be in the purple dress. He said make sure you have $60 cash, I said great. We met, filled out some paper work, went through the vows while giggling and sealed it with a high-five instead of a kiss. And that is one high-five I will never forget. 🙂


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