Backtrack: San Diego

We pulled an a-hole move by taking a vacation two weeks before we skipped out of town for our year long honeymoon.

Ryan had been promising to take me to Cali for a long, long time but our plans always fell through somehow – most famously Ryan tearing his ACL wakeboarding right before one trip. Anyways, during the wrapping everything up phase of preparing for our travels, we realized we had enough points for a free flight along with enough hotel points to stay a week for free, so we had to use them, right? Yes, right. So off to went to Sunny San Diego!

Ryan surfed a lot, I took a lot of pictures (just had Lasik and couldn’t get in the water), we ate lots of good food, tried to go to a Natural Vibrations concert but it was sold out so we listened from outside, and day dreamed about living on the West Coast. Needless to say, it was a wonderful trip.

I cropped out a naked guy. You’re welcome.




Nature’s slip and slide + day drinking

Paragliding pup





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