Pavones, Costa Rica

Last night we were lulled to sleep by a soft, cooling rain and were awoken by the most beautiful, sweet smell wafting into our room this morning in the treehouse. The morning was spent catching long lefts on the most perfect and endless waves I have ever seen. Relaxing, hammock laying, outdoor cooking, longs walks and books filled up the rest of the day. I would say this place is a perfect paradise. (Other than whomever stole my all time favorite flip-flops today at the beach. rawr) Regardless of the loss, I love Pavones.




Storm rolling in






The ironic bunny


Afternoons of hammocks and books
Our beautiful hosts


2 thoughts on “Pavones, Costa Rica

  1. Hi Ryan & Paige,

    Looks and sounds pretty nice for a vacation let alone permanent living space…I am more jealous than I want to admit!!! Don’t forget to try a cigar when you get to nicaragua!
    Pictures are really nice, I will check them out on the big screen when io get home. Doing this on my BB, what a pain.
    I hope you both have a great time exploring and I’ll pray for your safe return…..someday far in the future! I hope that’s the worst you ever see, losing your fav flip flops! I’m getting paranoid in my old age! How is beer there? I had a good time drinking with you and am enjoying the CD you gave me. Some cool tunes on there, reminds me of emerging artist with no frills basic R&B with a texas twist.

    Enjoy yourselves!


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