Stay a While

We have left our small yet lavish home in Dominical, Costa Rica. We spent 4 gloriously lazy days here lounging in the AC, using all the internet and cable we could ever want and just livin’ the Pura Vida as they say. I guess glorious wouldn’t be the right term because relaxing can be laced with guilt over being too self-indulgent if you’re not careful– or is that just me? But as guilty as I have felt, I needed it just like everyone needs to relax and recharge at times. I’ve got some unwinding and slowing down of my mind ahead to truly embrace this culture.


I feel like we didn’t unlock the key, or find the true character of this town. While that is disappointing in a lot of ways, I can’t help but feel ready to move on – out of this country. There is something about Costa Rica that just grinds at me – maybe the growing tourism, maybe because this is my third time here, maybe the accessibility, maybe the amount of English spoken, maybe the drowning of the three young missionaries just up the road last week… I don’t know exactly but it is time to head further south into new territory to create new memories with my paaaadnuh.


One thing that did spoil this place for me was, surprise surprise, some expat in the water acting like he owned the place. Man, I hate that. I don’t even want to waste words on it other than to say – I hate that. Maybe I can talk Ryan into giving a little commentary on expat douchebags ‘round these parts.

Twelve hours, three buses and countless skiiiiiiiinny wooden bridges later, and we ALMOST made it out of this country. We have made it to the end of the road here in Costa Rica, to the home of the second longest wave in the world – Pavones. This place seems like pure paradise with kids running around, hammocks aplenty and mangos begging to be picked from the trees. I’ve yet to see any gringo owned bars or restaurants which pleases me. Ahhh THAT is what grinds at me about this country!

We found a wonderful place to stay above a family with a 4 and 6 year old daughter and son. We are the only ones here, well, other than our new travel buddy Kenny, a big 80’s hair band/surfer lookin dude from Florida. He is pretty cool and keeps us laughing with his…hmmm…his… essence? Ryan’s theory is that is it his name. Kenny. Aren’t all Kenny’s pretty funny in their own way? Something about him just makes me laugh. Anyways, the place feels like a tree house and even has an outdoor kitchen to share. As I write this, I’m sitting on a hammock listening to the thunder roll and the boys play Hank III. Amen! I think I’ll stay a while.


Dominical Review:


Hotel Arena y Sol – we paid $20 a night for a matchbox sized room with A/C, cable, and our own bathroom. It was wonderful to sleep in A/C but definitely set us back in getting used to the heat.


La Casita – a little pizza place with the most chill vibe imaginable. Delicious pineapple pizza made right in front of you in the most charming little tropical house/restaurant. We loved eating here for just $4 a person including a soda.

Tortilla Flats: A great vibe but full of American’s and over our budget. Expect to spend $6-8 per person (we like to eat for under $5) We would definitely eat there again but only on a date, not for an everyday dinner.


This spot reminds me of Surfside with a long beach break and surely enough room for everyone. Watch for douchebag “locals” (expats) in the water wanting to fight after they steal your wave. Water was brown but the waves were nice – be wary of extreme rip current close to low tide.


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