Travel Tip #2

Travel tip #2.

Picture 9

The Fry longboard Ryan gave to me for our wedding. The loss of this one breaks my lil heart.

This one is near and dear to my heart due to our shipping fiasco. KEEP ALL RECEIPTS AND MAKE COPIES/TAKE PICTURES OF SAID RECEIPTS. I have now adopted the policy of keeping receipts of anything over $100 and/or things dear to my heart. We learned this lesson the hard way after our boards were STOLEN by UPS (can you tell I’m still hacked?). Luckily we had travel insurance that covers loss of sporting goods but you must provide proof of ownership. This led to wasting an entire day trying to track down the makers/sellers of our boards and asking for new receipts. Luckily we were able to get copies for all but my short board, Ryan’s wetsuit top, and our board coffin; but it would have been much simpler if we had just saved our receipts in the first place.

Picture 6 Picture 7

My graduation shortboard and Ryan’s custom BJ fish with some pretty bad-a airbrushing.

Along with tip number two, I’m going to throw in a freebie. Always insure packages being shipped, no matter what the monetary value is, and always insure it for the full amount. We didn’t do this when we shipped our bag of boards from Texas to Costa Rica and it cost us dearly. I hate learning a lesson through my pocketbook – but they always seem to teach me the quickest! We were told at UPS that if we would have to pay 20-25% customs upon arrival so if we insured them for what they were worth, we would have to pay $750 in customs! They had already cost us $500 to ship and the extra bills were a little too steep for our budget.  Later we learned that you don’t have to pay customs for personal belongings. A costly lesson to learn for sure, but I hope our mistake can save you from such angst in the future.


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