All banged up

Yesterday afternoon’s surf session brought my second injury of the trip. The first was a two inch, almost deep enough for stitches cut on the underside of my forearm, from having a wave close out on top of me in Jaco, flipping the board over and slamming me onto the fins. Yesterday was the same situation on a wave in Dominical, but this time I went down first and the wave slammed the rail (edge) of the board down on my forehead. It felt a lot like getting hit in the head with a baseball bat, which hasn’t happened in about 18 years. Fortunately, I have an oversized dome, which allows for an extra thick skull to house my average sized brain, so I didn’t feel like I was going to fade out at all, just glad it got me in the thick part and didn’t knock my teeth out. It swelled to the size of a golf ball immediately, and I quickly paddled back out, more embarrassed than anything. I waited for another wave for a couple minutes, and then looked down to see drops of blood in the water from the cut the board gave me. I guess it hit me pretty hard, because the part that hit me was round and blunt with no sharp edges. I had decided initially that the bump wasn’t enough to end the surf session, but after seeing the shark bait I was putting out, I had to go ahead and take the next wave back to the beach. Paige cleaned it up for me and got me some ice, which made the swelling go down in about an hour, but not before getting some good pictures of the bump.




One thought on “All banged up

  1. OUCH! Oh, and I missed something…Paige cut her hair off! She looks adorable! Excited for you two…living your dream~

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