Ryan here.



Today we went on a boat ride to Isla Tortuga on a 30 ft. cruiser. It was a two hour ride from the Jaco marina across the bay to a small island off the Nigoya peninsula. Our captain was originally from northern California and apparently a hardcore tweaker, but he was still able to get us safely to the island and back and cook a mean chicken breast for lunch. We went esnorkeling and saw some really pretty fishes out on the reef, and then swam back to the island for lunch y siesta. The tour included “happy juice,” a rum and fruit juice concoction that flowed freely from 9 a.m. til the boat came back to port at sunset. Once we got to the island around noon, Paige succumbed to the happy juice and took a nap in a shady sand spot for the better part of the 3 hours we were on the island. After some swimming and soccer, lunch and lots of happy juice I went to take a nap in a shaded hammock. I was awoken after a half hour by a handsome wild pig brushing under my hammock to drink the happy juice I had left on the ground below. He looked up at me between drinks like he knew he was busted, but he saw I was too relaxed and tired to press the issue, so he drank the rest of it. Pigs are really smart like that. A tico came up about that time and the pig flopped over on his side like a dog, and the guy started taking handfuls of sand and rubbing it into the pig’s coat, which the pig really liked. The tico said in his best redneck twang ” it’s a hawg like Arkansas State!” The drawl was so impressive that I didn’t correct him on thinking of U of Arkansas, instead of whatever the hell Arkansas State’s mascot is (a google search told me that they are the Red Wolves). Vamos Lobos Rojos. On the way back to Jaco the dolphins showed up and were jumping and playing for the amusement of everybody on the boat, cuz dolphins are really good sports about that kind of thing.

After we were back on land and settled, we went out to eat at a nice looking seafood restaurant where we were surprised to find our same French Canadian realty guy who handled our condo, Marcel Gautier, doing the chefing at the restaurant and the food was very delicious, way over the top for costa rica beach cuisine. We had some excellent fall off the bone baby back ribs, and some wasabi and sesame crusted seared tuna. It was super tasty, and we have to go back tomorrow night because it’s the last night the place is open before it closes for the low season.

Hopefully these travels will teach us Americans used to instant gratification a good deal about patience. It’s hard not to get in a hurry to do things asap ‘merican style, but Costa Rica is already getting us slowed down and mellowed out considerably. Our surfboards are already almost a week late arriving from UPS, and though I’m trying not to sweat all the beautiful, vacant uncrowded waves that constantly roll thru here, after the boards finally arrive and we can get our surf fix, that will be when the true relaxation sets in.


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