Jaco, Costa Rica

Sooo.. I’m a little embarrassed to have a blog out there for the world to read, especially since I haven’t seriously written anything in, oh, five or so years. Please bear with me as I try to recount the adventures we stumble upon over the next year as we backpack through Central and South America together. Mostly, this is a kind of souvenir for us to look back on years from now, and to keep our family and friends up to date on where we are in the world. I am also excited to possibly help inspire others to go out and live their dreams – whatever those dreams may be and to offer travel tips to wandering souls like ourselves.. Ryan and I have both been dreaming of this for years, before we even met, and are so very fortunate to be able to fulfill this dream together – as partners. The strengthening of our bond and our marriage will hopefully be an adventure of its own.

Jaco, Costa Rica by pushpindiaries

We have finally arrived at the first leg of our travels in Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. This first part is pretty much a spoiler for the rest of the time down south as were are lucky enough to have scored a week’s stay in a million dollar condo for free. You read that right, FREE. When we arrived in our cramped and hot cab, we couldn’t believe it. This is not the Jaco I remember from a decade ago (am I seriously old enough to be reminiscing about things that happened an entire decade ago?? My land!) Tomorrow I will have to post pictures because the views are absolutely breathtaking. This is going to be the exact opposite of our hammocks and bug nets. Ha!

Alright, more tomorrow and I promise to post pictures with each post. Words are just too boring and definitely don’t do these memories/sights justice. Hopefully I can bribe Ryan into recounting the trip from his perspective as well. He is a wonderful writer and we definitely have different ways of looking at the world which makes for great travel partners. This far at least 😉

Jaco, Costa Rica, a photo by pushpindiaries on Flickr.


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