Homemade deodorant

Poor Ryan… He married a girl who gained 15 pounds after marriage, cut all of her hair off, and started making her own all-natural products. Muahahaha. 😉

I come from a mother who comes from a mother that worries about what goes on and in their bodies – almost close to an obsessive level (teasing!). I grew up always hearing ‘this is bad for you’, and ‘that is bad for you’, and ‘don’t use this ’cause it could give you  ____’, and on and on. I’m not complaining in the least, I am so grateful to have learned about wellness and natural products from an early age. I can remember way back to pre-puberty when I would put on deodorant several times a day and before I went to bed just because I was afraid of stinking. Ridiculous but far from the most ridiculous length I went for vanity back in the late 90’s… ‘Sun In’ anyone? GROAN. Well, during my puberty hyper-vanity stage, my mom would warn me about this thing called ‘Old Timers’ and how deodorant could cause me to get that someday. I wasn’t worried – old was, like, forever away after all and I did NOT want B.O. Well, as I’ve become an old married woman, I have begun worrying about these types of things and researching exactly what chemicals I am unnecessarily burdening my body with. This is where I had a run in with crunchybetty. This woman is Uh. Mazing. and teaches people to make their own chemical free products. I have tested out several and have begun changing my entire beauty/vanity/hygiene routine all while dragging poor Ryan… and my mom… and my mother in law… and my mom’s friends.. and unsuccessfully my dad and sister into this pandemonium.

First up was homemade deodorant. As soon as I read this recipe I was on board and on my bike to Central Market. It is super simple and I swear on everything holy – it works. Not just works, but works significantly better than anything on the shelves at the grocery store. An added plus – you can choose your own fragrance by added whichever essential oil tickles your fancy. I’m crazy about lavender at the moment.

Here is the recipe:

1/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup cornstarch

5 tablespoons coconut oil

10 or so drops of your favorite essential oil

Mix and enjoy! While we travel, I keep it in a jar because it melts at 76 degrees but at home I just put it into an old deodorant container and used as normal.

Everyone I have forced into this has agreed that this keeps you dry, smelling fresh, and results in smoother pits. What do you have to lose? If worse comes to worse, you always have icebreaker when you meet someone new. 😉 Squished in between two large men in an unconditioned taxi today, the subject came up and the new friend sweating on me to my right agreed that “as far an he could tell, we didn’t smell Amish or anything”.  BAM


9 thoughts on “Homemade deodorant

  1. First, you used pandemonium in your blog, *HUGE* fan of this word right now.

    Secondly, YAY for product! Especially homemade….that rocks.

    Thirdly, your so lucky to be able to gain 15 lbs and not even look 1 pound over weight.

    Fourthly, (is there a fourthly?) you are ALSO so lucky to be able to pull of the SHORT hair cut…not many girls at all can do this. (think about how freakish I would look if I followed suit!

    And LASTLY…. you’re awesome. XOXO

    • Well aren’t you sweet! We’ve been using the beautiful and wonderful smelling journal you gave to us! You’re the best and I’m so glad we were able to have dinner together before we left. I can’t wait for another Bremond weekend – full pandemonium! 😉 You’re the best and thanks for writing a comment 🙂

  2. Very cool recipe Paige! I will have to try it out! Btw, the natural living stuff makes you that much cooler in my eyes.

  3. It is sooooo true….trust me I got a HUGE smell of Jenny’s armpits when she put on your homemade deoderant and she smelled so fresh and so clean clean.

  4. That’s the recipe we use for our deodorant. It works well. But what we want to know is how do you keep it solid down there in the humidity?

    • We just keep it in a mason jar, shake it, and put it on liquid. I want to try it in a roll on deodorant container though. I can’t believe I love deodorant this much. It feel and smells so gooood!

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