We’ve got a departure date and it’s approaching quickly! Our first stop is Costa Rica for vacation with the Budde family and then where ever the wind takes us. I love the anticipation and preparation that has begun. We have been dreaming for so long that the reality seems surreal.

After much research and store visiting, we have found our travel packs in which we will carry our lives on our backs for the next year. We actually ended up with the same Osprey Farpoint but it differing sizes – 55 for me and 70 for the mister (the 15L detachable daypack is included in the size). I am excited about these packs because they are less trek and more traveling specific. The differences are found mainly in the front-loading design as opposed to top-loading and with the ability to zip the backpack straps into the bag so they don’t get snagged on conveyor belts. A zip-off day pack is another handy feature. It is an amazing design with more features I find every time I play with it. I will have to post pictures sometime this week.

Thursday I will be getting Lasik which I am obviously totally stoked about. I can’t imagine not having to deal with contacts and I’m most excited about opening my eyes underwater. Woop!

We have quite a to-do list in store for the next month, including two surf trips which will get their own post as they happen.


One thought on “fourtwenty

  1. Cameron would be SO jealous if he knew you got lasik. He’s been wanting to get it done FOREVER. It’s on the list.

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