Freedom rings!

A big something something happened last week that completely cleared our schedules and allowed these wandering souls to be free once again. (how annoying is being vague? gotcha!) The taste of freedom has been a million times sweeter than I ever could have imagined this day being, and boy have I imagined this day over and over again. This freedom makes me want to shout from the rooftop of every building, to do a spazy dance everywhere I go, to scream with every ounce of energy I have, to cry the ugly cry. All of these emotions course through me so strongly that it almost paralyzes me at times and I find myself stopped and staring at nothing with rainbow pinwheels spinning in my eyes. Hmm.. maybe my MacBook is running on an overload of emotions lately, too?

Process each emotion. That’s what I will do. Celebrate with loved ones. That is what I will continue to do. Plan with every bit of my imagination. That is what I’m obsessively doing all day long. Plan for what, you ask?


We are FINALLY leaving on our travels that we have been saving for, dreaming of, and planning for the last couple years. Mid-April we will be departing for an extended surf adventures through Central and South America. Just my husbuddy and me, two backpacks, 4 surfboards and and open road with no agenda. Oh shoot- the pinwheels again. Reboot.


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