Efficient living

We’ve been setting up our little home over here in Montrose and it has been a blast. I wish I could post a picture but it is currently a disaster up in hurrr. I was going to clean top to bottom today but the surf is good and we’re about to jet out to Surfside. Way better, right? We have discovered it is hard to keep such a small space tidy. I actually love having our dining room, bedroom, and living room all smooshed into one, but not our messes.

We are thinking of putting a timeout chair in the closet. It is quaint and cozy here, but the lack of walls sure can make disagreements and annoyances so much more awkward. You know, just so we don’t have to be mad, pretending to ignore the other when they are just a few feet away.Well, I’m thinking of doing that at least. Now that I think about it, it’s also going to be the ‘I’m being a stinky boy’ chair, if ya know what I mean.  If a certain boy wasn’t so damn cute right now his stinky self would be locked in there. Oh no, he is coming to sit by me. Oh nooooooooooo. I guess this is the end.

*we aren’t currently fighting, but I can’t say the same about him being stinky.


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