Wake surf

I’ve been having some major surfing/water withdrawal lately so I thought I would backtrack and post a little on past adventures. Just a couple of months ago, Ryan tore his ACL in a wakeboarding accident so our adventures have slowed down quite a bit. Two surgeries, lots of physical training and a couple braces later, he is recovering very quickly and itching to be active again. He is the only person I know (well, other than my dad and sister) that would be at the gym just a few days post ACL reconstruction. He has been determined to not let this keep him down and his determination has been very cute to watch.

Anyways, wake surfing is something Ryan taught me to do when we first starting dating (almost two whole years ago!!). You weigh the boat down on one side and surf on a little curl right behind the boat. It is super fun and a great way to learn to stay in the sweet spot of a wave. I am not so great but Ryan and his friends rock it.

Video disclaimer: I made this for an assignment in college… it was about learning something new and this was my first attempt. I am I’m not technically surfing because I’m using the rope to pull myself into the wave. No judging! 🙂 And the quality is really terrible!

More fun videos to come because Ryan just bought an underwater video camera! Holy smokes!


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