Spring Surfing

Surfside was everything we could have hoped for… and more! I love that crazy little Gulf Coast town and the people who flock there. The speed of life is oh so perfectly slow, the locals are legit, the surfers are nice, the food is yummy. Weeeeeeee!

The surfing was so awesome. It was quite a celebration because we didn’t have to wear wetsuits!!! Spring has sprung and my wetsuit has landed itself a spot on Craigslist! So long cold water, it’s been real. We got to ride Friday afternoon and twice on Saturday, with waves waist to head high and the water bumpy to clean. I had so much fun riding Ryan’s longboard and then his new BJ fish. I can already tell, I am really going to love riding that fish down south! All this surfing made me loooonnnng for my own custom BJ longboard. ……..somedayyyyyy. I still haven’t had the right conditions to ride my graduation shortboard, I can’t wait for that day!

Unfortunately, there were no pictures taken to document such a fun weekend between three friends. I guess memories will do. 🙂

Reasons why Surfside is my favorite surf spot in Texas:

  • Fellow surfers are easygoing and nice. You never feel like you have invaded a local’s territory.
  • The lifestyle
  • Jetty jumping
  • Chance to surf in the channel
  • Knowing there is a chance someone is out there tanker surfing
  • Jetty Shack… Kitty’s Purple Cow…
  • The largeness of the Octagon
  • The house in the ocean
  • The colorful A-frames

Some side notes:

I got my permanent eyeliner touched up today, compliments of Ryan’s momma. It is so convenient and works so great with my lifestyle of water sports and traveling. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Ryan is not sick today. Poor bay-bee. I think he has the flu but he NEVER gets sick, so surely his fever and body aches are nothin’. I’ve enjoyed being able to take care of him today… my tough man. 🙂

I have no idea why there is a font overload on this post…?? Oh well!

Here are a couple pics from a little engagement celebration we had in Austin last weekend… being engaged is such a blast!


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