Looking forward to…


Playa Las Saladita

This picture was taken from our front porch in Playa Las Saladita, Mexico. We made friends with several surfers from all over the globe in this little beach community made up of mostly travelers. It was an incredible time and place that I will never forget. By day, we would wake up early for the morning surf with lines up to 300 yards. Coming from Texas, that seemed crazy! We would paddle forever out, ride all the way in to the shore, and repeat until it was time for lunch and a hammock nap. Maybe we would head out for some hot afternoon surfing or maybe we would relax some more on the hammock talking to new friends. Right before sunset was my favorite time… we would paddle out for the last surf of the day. The sun would be getting lower, the sky full of color, and the ocean was so calm. Being out on my board and watching the sun go down with such good people was the highlight of my trip. By night, we slept with our windows open, the cool breeze and nighttime rain making it feel even more like a tropical paradise.

This night we had a perfect candlelight dinner of cauliflower, pasta, and vino with two friends from Spain and Switzerland (they are the two pictured). I will never forget that night, those people, or the colorful sunsets our piece of paradise had to offer.

I can’t wait to be back down south soaking up experiences, culture and sun.


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