Happy 30th birthday to muh main squeeze!

Ryan’s turns the big 3-0 today and I posted a lil’ tribute to him over on my photo blog. Ch ch check it!



Well hello. I’ve neglected our lil travel blog recently, and am feel pretty lame for having pretty much all of France and Italy to post, along with some USA travel. The reason for my absence is because I’ve been busy starting a photography business, building a website, and having lots of photo shoots. I would love if you would continue to follow along on my new journey.

I’ve also been busy getting in as much surf as possible before the ol ball-n-chain and I move to Ohio to train for his new job. Nothin’ like Ohio in the Winter, huh? We’re actually pretty excited, just a little apprehensive about the cold weather. Flip flops won’t cut it, you say? Maybe if I add socks? Darn, does this mean I have to get Uggs? I really hope there is an alternative out there (read: I’ve never been in snow).

So… surfing. Surfside. It’s one of my favorite places in the world and the surfing has been pretty darn good lately.


And in other news, I ordered a custom longboard from BJ. I think I’m choosing rainbow glitter as a design. I know.. awesome, right!? Yeah.

Crunchy Betty

I’ve got to spread some more Crunchy Betty goodness – this girl has blown me away with her natural remedies and recipes, and she is changing the world one post at a time! If you haven’t checked out her blog, you should. Right now.

First, she talked me into ditching my deodorant and whipping up a batch of my own with only three kitchen ingredients. I was amazed at the results and was so stoked that I made samples for everyone I knew. Now my mom, aunt, husband, neighbors, and mother-in-law have converted to the crunchy-goodness (and smell great!).

Then Crunchy Betty had me washing my face with OIL. Oil of all things! I was nervous at first but the results were amazing. Now I’ve got my mother hooked and she’s never looked so radiant! Skin that is clear, glowing, soft, amazing!
am I right or am I right?

Next it was HONEY. Honey?! I’ve been washing my face with honey and baking soda for three weeks and it’s blowing me away! My face has never been so clear and smooth. I swear that little dark marks are fading as well.

paige 366

Now I’m like a mad scientist in the kitchen whipping up lotions with coconut oil, mixing up face masks with clay, melting beeswax for lip balm, trying to make perfume (fail) out of essential oils and a variety of other concoctions. It’s awesome.

So, go check out Crunchy Betty and jump on this chemical free bandwagon!


My very favorite character of all time.

paige 644
paige 643
paige 648
paige 651

Not only could he rock that leopard body suit, he also rocked out with a beautiful lisp. Swoon


(These posts are out-of-order & we have so many cities to go- I am just going by the order of our Flickr photostream)
I’m not going to lie, by the time we got to Barcelona we were quite burnt out of traveling. Six months was a long time to be living out of a backpack, and traveling every 2-3 days can really be exhausting. We tried to love Barcelona and give it our all, but we were both pretty worn out. I would love to go back sometime and spend a week exploring Spain. The Gaudi architecture was stunning and hilarious – it felt like living in a Dr. Seuss world!

Giant Hands!
paige 550
paige 577
paige 582
paige 586
paige 608
paige 623
sunglasses as a filter – it was so incredibly bright!
paige 659
paige 663
paige 664
paige 675
paige 686
paige 692

These are all straight out of the camera as well. I would love to edit them but we had to dump out memory card and upload straight to Flickr. I’ve got one more Barcelona post and it has one of my favorite moments of our trip!

Amsterdam Lovin

Amsterdam… oh Amsterdam. I’ve been putting off this post because I still can’t wrap my mind around this place. It is absolutely amazing and perfect in every way (except maybe the weather, but we avoided that issue). Maybe I loved it so much because it is (supposedly) my heritage, or maybe I loved it so much because bicycles rule the road, or maybe because of the romantic canals, or the crooked houses, or the beautiful city parks, or the mix of old and new, or the friendly people, or crazy language, or freedom to be an individual. Man, seriously. Paradise. Ryan, when can we go back? Cara, Stephanie – girls trip?

imperfectly perfect & delicious
paige 366
paige 356
paige @ picnic
Absolute bliss
ryan @ picnic
paige 421
paige 429
paige 437

paige 440
paige 453
paige 465
paige 468
Had to take some dutch composition photos while in Holland!
paige 501
paige 503
paige preparing to picnic

F*$&ing Cow


This friendly lil’ cow was brought to you by Fucking. Fucking, Austria that is.

Alright, I’m done with the jokes. Back to my day job, googling Ohio. You should check out my friend Kathleen’s cow birth experience when she visited this great state of Texas!